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  • in = inch(s)
  • cm = centimetre(s)
  • dec = decrease, decreasing
  • g = gram(s)
  • gart st(s) = garter stitch(es)
  • inc = increase, increasing
  • k = knit
  • no = number
  • p = purl
  • rep = repeat
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • stock st(s) = stocking stitch(es), stockinette stitch(es)
  • tog = together


The execution of the knitting always starts with the minor size followed by the bigger sizes divided by a hyphen (-).
Where there in the pattern is given one single number this applies for all sizes.
Edge stitches: all rows start and finish with knit 1 if nothing else is told in the pattern.
Tension/gauge: It is important making a knitting sample to control your knitting regarding of obtain the right measurements of the work. If the sample is turning out too large/slack - to try with finer needles. If the sample turns out to small/firm try with larger needles.

Techniques (described for working on 2 needles):
Button holes: cast off without knitting the number of sts to fit your button. Cast on new sts - 2 more than casted off. Next row: Work the 1st new stitch together with the previously old stitch and work the last new stitch together with the following old stitch. This action is to avoid holes next to the button hole.
Casting on stitches for knotted edge by thumb methode: use double wool on left hand, put with right hand wool around needle between each cast on stitch.
b>Fisherman sts: (even number of sts) 1st row: * k1, slip 1 st with wool forward on needle *. Rep from * to * all sts. Rep this row.
Garter sts: knit all rows
Picking up sts for neckbands, in armholes (sleeves worked from top to bottom, armhole bands), along fronts etc.: always to pick up from the right side if nothing else is told.
Purl 2 sts tog through back of sts: slip the sts to the other needle, put back onto the first needle whilst turning the sts clockwise. Purl the sts tog.
Raglan shaped seam: right-side row: work 2 sts tog inside the first/last 2 sts (or as told in the propriate pattern). In the beginning of the row to work tog normally but by the end of the row work tog through back of the stitches.
Rib 1/1: k1, p1 alternately.
Rib 2/2: k2, p2 alternately.
Stocking (stockinette) stitches: knit right side rows, purl all wrong side rows.
Stocking sts in reverse: purl all right-side rows, knit all wrong-side rows.
To turn the work along the row: work the number of sts as told in pattern, turn, wool forward and work back. When working over the turns there is to work the wool forward tog with the following st to avoid a hole.

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